Our puppies left the house

07.03.2017 12:51
All our puppies left the house, only one of them, Dutch Edition Doreen Fateful Red, stays with us to increase our toller family...Všechna štěňata už opustila náš dům, jen jedna z nich, Dutch Edition Doreen Fateful Red, zůstává s námi aby rozšířila naši tolleří rodinku...Doreen

One boy available! / jeden chlapeček je volný!

29.12.2016 12:20
One boy of our Dutch Edition litter is available. (born 4. 12. 2016)

Narodil se náš vrh D! / Our litter D was born!

05.12.2016 16:46
4. 12. 2016 se narodil náš vrh D - Dutch Edition Fateful Red. Jsou to dvě krásné holčičky a 3 kluci! Všichni zájemci budou informováni.On 4. 12. 2016 our litter D - Dutch Edition Fateful Red has been born. They are 2 girls and 3 boys. All interested people will be informed.

D Litter s parents

12.11.2016 22:53

Čekáme štěňátka / We expect puppies!!

01.11.2016 19:04
Dnes nám pan doktor potvrdil, že naše Cora čeká štěňátka. Otcem je krásný kanadský pes, žijící v Holandsku - Daintree´s  Dutch Canadian Puck. Štěňata by se měla narodit 2. 12. 2016.Today our vet confirmed, that our Cora is pregnant. Father of the pupies is handsome Canadian boy living in...

Krytí proběhlo úspěšně / The mating was successful

04.10.2016 18:54
Jestli vše půjde jak má, štěňátka by se měla narodit začátkem prosince.If everything will be ok, the puppies should be born on the beginning of December.More details about parents  after US.

Plánujeme štěňata / We plan puppies for late 2016

19.09.2016 18:23
We plan puppies for late 2016.  If you are interested in our puppies, you can send an application.More about the planned mating soon!

One free boy in Capella Vis Comica Kennel

05.07.2016 09:15
We´ve got a good message - there is one free boy in the kennel Capella Vis Comica in Poland, born on 25. 6. 2016. If you are interested, please, contact the breeder, Mrs. Pietraszko.

.... and all the puppies left....

05.07.2016 09:04
Our house is quiet again, all the puppies left. We wish them great life with their new families, a lot of healthy years and hope that we get a lot of photos!! Bye bye  Scottie, Archie, Ares, Patty, Elmo and Lucy!! Your mother Rosie is proud of you!

and the puppies are growing ...

11.06.2016 13:52
We love our puppies! they are really sweet and lovely (and with very sharp teeth!)They love to be in the garden and try little bit gardening. We have two more weeks to enjoy them!
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